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With Meteksan Inc.´s 35 years of experience millions of people participated and made a revolution in the printing of examination question booklets,which was organized around the whole country.For almost a year,where 10.000.000 students entered different types of exams,unique edition of booklets were performed for each student with the possibilties of digital printing.





Meteksan performs all booklets of more than 30 different exams attended by million of people for 35 years in Turkey, and continues to be the most qualified print facility in terms of equipment and experience.





Meteksan’s qualified jobs in this market are the products of the policy to be ahead of the game(or to be one step ahead from its competitors),and leading the way in the printing sector.With the spread of using digital printing technologies in the printing industry, In the year 2011 we decided to perform the printing of 10 million booklets by using conventional techniques of digital printing technology in approximately a year, and launched with the aim to clench (ya da strengthen) the qualified printing mission up to present





With the digital printing technologies greatest opportunity the demands of customers are based on the idea of personalization of unique booklets for each entrant.In this way.We ensured the public opinion of qualified printing facility.And have managed to become the first in digital printing technology and its field in printing.Submitted exact solutions about the security demands of the customer.Have succeeded to be among the largest in digital printing technologies.Havereached easily our investment objectives.





Chooses to work with the bests to achieve the goal. Added OCE to their partners by preferring the 2200’s of the digital printing technologies which comes to the forefront by their speeds.Shared experience with the post-print equipment and solutions of Hunkeler AG.Looked for post-print customized packaging solutions with CMC.Setted up the infrastructure for personalized printing options with GMC.





Carried out the organization as soon as possible.Has succeed to find the right solutions performing work on the ideas of a good managed team.Organized and brought together experts from different fields in a short time.Was able to develop high-performance methods in a short time.Managed to produce creative solutions by organizing and making the best of the experience and facilities owned.Quickly adapt to the innovations and was able to use of advanced innovation.





With its technological infrastructure, managed to maximize its investments in Turkey, compared to its competitors.Started to develop new infrastructures to increase the experience in field and in this regard.Has been the one and only compared to the rivals in terms of solution and technology.Offers a lot more solutions and services to its customers.



Digital printing systems can be used as a means of direct marketing as well as operational printing tasks such as bank statements, invoices, insurance premium information, payrolls and promotions. These systems provide speed, reliability, possibility of flexible work and efficiency through latest technological innovations.The system can print 1200 dpi, coloured, max. 51.2 cm width and infinite length, 4 front plus 4 back digital images from reel to sheet. Additionally, multicolour advertisements, promotions, logos and similar transpromos can be applied to mail. It is fully integrated to simple variable programs, therefore barcodes, names, addresses and even photos can be printed as a variable on every box sent.With all these characteristics, Meteksan digital printing systems provide rapid, inexpensive and efficient solutions that are suitable for low and high circulation catalogues, posters, packages, books, invoices, bank statements and direct marketing techniques. 

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