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The annual production capacity of Meteksan Printing House is 12.000 tons.It is recently planned to increase the capacity by introducing some new machines to the plant.Meteksan Printing Facilities serve with a wide spectrum of products such as business forms,all types of books,magazines,brochures,calendars and some branded articles such as Meteksan notebooks,letter pads,business calendars and address books.



Hybrid Print Opportunities


Meteksan Printing House is the only establishment in Turkey which has succeeded to combine its digital print resource with its long-standing conventional print experience and technology. Both facility types are used skillfully to create customer solutions.


Versalite and Integrated Products 


Printed and personalized products are presented together to provide easy and smart usage in various areas.General production types are cards covered with plastic film, cards and forms covered with adhesive materials and integrated forms that are stuck together with pressure.




Print Process Monitoring


By means of the barcoding systems, the whole print and post-printing processes can be tracked and can be reported. 



Computer aided collating options can be provided up to 10 units.


Label Technics

Every label can be customized by printing on standard self adhesive label or printing on labels that have different forms according to customer   demands.

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